Noor Lamp



Noor Lamp Company (P.J.S) started its activities in 1984 with the aim of producing various type of incandescent lamps and began providing trading services and expanding manufacturing activity

Since its formation and establishment , Continuous trainingQuality maintenance and being updated with the newest  technology have been held on their agenda, and after more than thirty years’ experience we are considered as one of pioneers in Iranian lighting industry.

Cooperation with German Osram company and manufacturing Mercury vapor & Sodium vapor lamps under Persian Osram brand and our joint venturing with this company to produce other products have been our major achievement in order to improve the quality and validity Noor Lamp brand.

After attaining enough experience in the production of incandescent lamps, and after holding special technical and quality training courses for their staffs the, company started to produce a variety of HID lamps such as mercury vapor and blended mercury lamps , high-pressure sodium vapor lamps, metal halide bulbs, energy-saving lamp ballast built-in , fluorescent lamps, infrared and ultraviolet (UV) .

During recent years, according to the consumer market demands and also according to satisfy our commitment on supplying qualified productions for end users, we have new activities in LED bulbs and LED light panels in domestic market.


Based on our reliance on potential and the creativity of Iranian youth, we are trying to conquer the highest peaks of the industrial and technology field to develop our country technological level.